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Get these gears

If you’re going to be putting on a bigger turbo and tuning get these gears so your car can hold down the power. Definitely worth every dollar.

Vinyl tint

I think its not thick enough my led lights are too bright for the vinyl so it just looks normal

Great stuff

Nice product and nice staff!!!

Love this thing and staff really helped !

11th gen civic amber delete

Just got the amber deletes and the 20% is not as dark as the pictures show. Maybe they sent me the wrong percentage? It kind of does the job I guess. I watched some reviews and other 11th gen owners say it makes the car look a lot cleaner, which I would agree, maybe the tint needs to be darker?? The fitment of the actual vinyl is good though. Just my honest review.

Fk8 Seat covers

10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to get an affordable seat cover for the FK8 front seats. Great quality and very easy to install. If I had a collection of FK8 type rs I would buy these seat covers for all of them.

10’000+ km Honest Review (2017 FC2 6MT) FBO

I decided to run this dp on my car for a bit so I can give it an honest review, I have ran this rv6 catless downpipe for around 10,000 kms now and i'm honestly really impressed with it. The stock dp creates a massive restriction and literally chokes the car out, this dp open’s the car up immensely (Which is vital especially with an N/A car) and IMO it doesn't smell too bad really... The biggest change I saw was in the throttle response and the substantial torque increase, it's very noticeable... However I only recommend this dp only if you're running a full exhaust system because even if you upgrade the dp the rest of the stock exhaust is also a major restriction. The only gripe I have is that for the money they don’t include stainless hardware, so my exhaust studs rusted almost instantly up here in the north. I have this RV6 dp paired with a function works mid pipe and a custom fabbed Vibrant 3" 304 Stainless exhaust using their ultra quiet resonator & TVP muffler, after all my mods I can truly say this car feels like a true Honda now! Always a huge thanks to Humza and the team at unity, they’ve helped me turn this car into my “ultimate daily” hands down best & most professional customer service I’ve ever had.

great experience

high quality rotors, quick shipping, and packaged nicely!

Good quality & easy to install

Overall I’m happy with the upgraded bushings, it’s not a night and day difference more subtle in my opinion but enough to notice and make a difference. I personally feel the left to right play when shifting feels more stiff and has less play. Going in and out of gears feels more notchy and has a more solid/distinct feel. The installation was pretty straightforward the small retainer clip was abit of a pain but with pliers and an extra set of hands overall not to difficult.

Works as advertised, makes it much easier to get in and out and of course protects the seats well...not sure how it will be in the heat though.

Side Marker Lights [READ DESCRIPTION]

Great Lines!!

These have to be the best modification that I’ve done to my car! No more spongy feel when pushing the pedal. Constant pressure all the time! No complaints whatsoever! Looking to upgrade my other vehicles as well.

I love it ,looks awesome

Acuity Billet Aluminum Shift Collar | 16-22+ Civic, 18-22 Accord, 23+ Integra

Quality product, easy install

Easy install, and extra zip ties in case you mess up the first time.
Plus the sticker.


Great quality and easy installs

Side Marker Lights [READ DESCRIPTION]

Phenomenal difference, pair with shifter bushings

Keeps the shifts solid and notchy! Definitely one of the best ‘quality of life’ mods, pair with the base bushings for best results!

Makes the shifts way smoother, no more crunchy gears!!

NVH isnt really noticeable at all, shifts are way better, keeps the jerkyness of the lower gears out completely, absolutely love it! NVH is more after install, after a few hundred kilometres it dwindles a lot, and is only slightly noticed at Idle

Feel and looks nice. Wish it was a bit tighter.

The Goodridge stainless brake lines are a night and day difference over stick brake lines! Easily the best upgrade that I’ve made next to the bigger brake calipers!

Looked great

Got the package and they looked great unfortunately someone in my house threw them out thinking it was trash before I could even install lol
So will reorder and give a true review once installed. But looked perfect for my 2023 civic

Oh no, that's a bummer!! Please email here, we can help out a bit here :)