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Side Marker Lights [READ DESCRIPTION]

Side Marker Lights [READ DESCRIPTION]

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  • 2016 - 2021 Honda Civic, all trims WORLDWIDE

Note: Quantity 1 comes with both Right and Left sides


V3 VARIANT - NEW!!! 3 CHANGES - Smoked Lens is darker, Rear Clips are different, LED's are slightly brighter 

Clear with Amber LED V3

Smoked with Amber LED V3

Clear with White LED V3

Smoked with Amber LED V3

Clear with White LED V3 + Sequential Amber Turn Signals

Smoked with White LED V3 + Sequential Amber Turn Signals


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Literally the world famous AegeanBlueSi / Unity Performance Side Marker Lights for the 2016-2020 Honda Civic. These are Plug n' Play Side Marker Lights for all variants (Coupe, Sedan, Hatch incl. Type R) worldwide as tested and loved by 5,000+ enthusiasts in 50+ countries! Please scroll through the pictures to see how the Clear vs. Smoked housing looks, and how they look on the different Civic colors.

Super easy installation process with detailed videos below, and FAQ's answered. If you require any help with the install, please refer to the Contact Us page or send a DM to @unity.performance on Instagram.

Showcase Video for Smoked with White + Sequential Amber Turn Signals:

Installation Video for Smoked with White LED + Sequential Amber Turn Signals: PLEASE WATCH THIS!

Installation Video for Smoked with Amber Sequential Start Up: PLEASE WATCH THIS!

Seal Testing + Torture Test


Side Marker Lights FAQ:

1) Are these Plug n' Play?

Yes, absolutely! Remove the bulb from the socket once you have removed the original Side Marker Housing. Carefully without letting the side marker dangle plug in the wire fully for these side markers, and tighten the socket back on. Ensure there is no play/rotation which means that any chances of condensation on the lens are eliminated.

2) Is there warranty?

I inspect all Side Marker Lights prior to shipping out, and after selling over 5,000 pairs and installing on over 500 10th Gens myself, I know every possible scenario that can happen. Please email me, if you have any questions, and do include pictures + your order number. Thank You

3) These look slightly dim during the day, why is that?

As with all Side Marker Lights, these are supposed to be OFF during the day-time, and as the evening and night progresses their warm glow becomes brighter. They are NOT supposed to illuminate the side of your car however, I consider that distracting and doesn't compliment the lines of the car. Covering the panel of 7 LED Chips is a thick opaque cover that dims the output on purpose, in order to create the glowing look which is their signature. Without the cover you would just see 7 very bright LED's, and that is not the intent of this design.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Clear Side Markers v3

These are a serious style upgrade for my car (2020 Civic Hatch Sport Touring). Took about 20 minutes to install, then roughly an hour on another day to run the wire to the headlights. Super cool white to orange transition. Very glad I got these!

Beautiful and easy to install

Install was super easy thanks to the video. The side markers look amazing

Russel John Chynnalei

Side Marker Lights [READ DESCRIPTION]

Clear with White LED V3 + Sequential Amber Turn Signals

Absolutely enhances the side profile, creating a striking impact! Indeed, the extended delivery time was a bit of a wait, but the result definitely justifies it!

Perry Johnson
Side Markers

Looks really good, makes the side profile really stand out!