Side Marker Lights Pre-Order Deliveries start late February


Welcome to Unity Performance, visioned by Humza (@aegeanbluesi), and brought to reality with the support of the 10th Gen Honda Civic community! If you've been along on the journey for the past year, you've likely been among the 500 2016+ Honda Civic enthusiasts to have purchased either a Flat-Bottom Steering Wheel, or the highly admired Side Marker Lights from me prior to the launch of the brand - I am truly grateful, Thank You!

My old Order Form process although functional to this point was limiting for expanding the product selection. With the launch of Unity Performance, the brand and the website I will be able to offer more products, an easy checkout experience, and the go-to for you to always see what's new with my personal Civic Si, industry insights, and more.

Unity Performance will eventually be able to offer upgrades for other Make and Model vehicles, but I will begin with what I and you know me for best - the 10th Generation 2016+ Honda Civic! There are some phenomenal products on offer for this entirely new Honda platform, many of which I am personally testing on my own 2017 Civic Si Sedan build!

I am looking at establishing partnerships with the favorite brands, and am always interested in hearing from you if you or a brand you have experience with is a good fit for Unity Performance to partner up with for product distribution.

Unity Performance - Power of Collective Success.