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Welcome to Unity Performance, visioned by Humza (@aegeanbluesi), and brought to reality with the support of the 10th Gen Honda Civic community! This brand is unique and if you've been following me long enough you know the Unity story already - I began coordinating Group Buys for local friends and friends made via Instagram, and at one point it got so large that it was impossible to me to manage it all without a website, and dedicated brand.

Unity is derived from Community, and without the overwhelming support I have received from everyone none of this would be possible! Unity Performance will eventually be able to offer upgrades for other Make and Model vehicles, but I will begin with what I and you know me for best - the 10th Generation 2016+ Honda Civic! There are some phenomenal products on offer for this entirely new Honda platform, many of which I am personally testing on my own 2017 Civic Si Sedan build!

I am looking at establishing partnerships with the favorite brands, and am always interested in hearing from you if you or a brand you have experience with is a good fit for Unity Performance to partner up with for product distribution.

Unity Performance - Power of Collective Success.