Welcome to Unity Performance, founded by Humza (@aegeanbluesi) in 2019, and now celebrating 4+ years of supporting the 10th and 11th Gen Honda Civic community, along with Acura Integra and Honda Accord! 

If you've been following long enough you know the Unity story already - I began coordinating Group Buys for parts for local 10th Gen Civic friends at first, then friends made via Instagram started reaching out wanting in on the deals, and in a few short months it became so large that it was impossible to me to manage it without a website, and dedicated brand name.

It didn't take me long to come up with the name however, because I had always imagined that if one day I decided to start my own performance parts retail store it would always be for the community to find an easy and trustworthy source for all their parts need, where the relationships will always be prioritized over just a simple transaction.

Unity is derived from Community, and without the overwhelming support I have received from everyone none of this would be possible! I started off with my 2017 Civic Si Sedan build as you guessed in Aegean Blue Pearl, and in April 2021 thanks to the support from you all I purchased a 2020 Crystal Black Pearl Type R which I got wrapped in Dark Green.

I've built and will continue to build Unity Performance as a store that is offering only the parts that I have tested on my builds, or with local builds to confirm fitment, long-term quality, and real world performance gains! If I won't trust it on my own cars, I won't sell it to you! I'm witness to a lot of low-quality products being offered to the Honda & Acura community simply because they're cheap alternatives that shops bring in just to generate a sale for profit; it left a sour taste with me when I also went through negative experiences myself before founding Unity. I vowed to never be that kind of a shop because my biggest asset are my people - you don't gain support and momentum by simply having the cheapest prices, you build up a community around you by establishing trust through good practices.

Unity Performance - Power of Collective Success.

Humza with Blue