UPDATE: Working through a massive backlog of orders, and emails. Please be patient, and read all product descriptions. Thank You! - Humza



  1. My order, particularly Side Marker Lights haven't shipped out yet? [July 1, 2020] I have a backlog of about 500 pre-orders for the Side Marker Lights that will arrive on June 25th. Some other items are on back-order as well at this time, most arriving mid-late July.
  2. Where is your Physical Location? I do not currently have a Physical Location, but for Local Pick-up on Side Marker Lights I typically host Meet-ups in Mississauga on Sundays, or attend @10thGenClub Meets
  3. I didn't receive Tracking info for my shipped order for Side Marker Lights? All Canadian orders receive Tracking. All Canada to USA or International orders, Tracking is a paid option at this time - if you selected and paid for the Tracked option, you will receive Tracking.
  4. Is there a number that I can Call? Not at the moment since Unity Performance is not my full-time, it would be inconvenient to speak over the phone. Please email info@unity-performance.com, or DM @unity.performance on Instagram