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Whiteline 85a Rear Motor Mount (RMM) | 16-21 Civic

Whiteline 85a Rear Motor Mount (RMM) | 16-21 Civic

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  • 2016 - 2021 Honda Civic 2.0L
  • 2016 - 2021 Honda Civic 1.5T
  • 2017 - 2020 Honda Civic Si
  • 2017 - 2020 Honda Civic Type R FK8


    Whiteline their own complete Billet Rear Motor Mount (RMM) in the near future, with 2x 85a Polyurethane bushings! We were stoked to be chosen to test this new offering prior to launch, and give valuable feedback to the team!

    1,000kms / 600 mile report: RMM has broken in very nicely, and only adds slight NVH at Idle, setting off in 1st or Reverse, and if you are in a high gear at low rpm trying to accelerate. The shifts are way more precise and less sloppy than having a factory RMM itself, and noticeably stiffer than the factory RMM with either the Whiteline or Perrin Inserts. One welcomed feature is not having constant engine boom in the car at any RPM, which is a trait of a race-oriented RMM. You will not get wheel hop, and you will still be able to enjoy this on both the street and track as we have been.

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    Customer Reviews

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    God damn!

    I just installed this RMM today, originally wanted 27won 90a but Humza recommended this instead. And I am really glad I took his offer on this!! Test drove it just a while ago, I thought NVH would be way worse, but it wasn't that bad. NVH was "bad" at first gear, 2nd gear, reverse, and idle. But on idle, it's like getting a massage coupled with heated seats(felt really good for me). Wheel hop is still there, but only slightly. Very negligible wheel hop. And the power!! Sheeeesh. Never felt more alive when driving. Will drive it for a while and probably give a review again once I hit 500kms/1000kms. Thanks Humza!! You're doing god's work!!

    Thank You! For sure, felt that you didn't need to run the 27WON 90A for your build so a recommendation to step it down a notch to better suit the car was in order. I'm glad that you're happy with my alternative recommendation :)

    Reasad Farsad
    Blown Away!

    I have been skeptical about doing a solid motor mount, as I did not want to deal with high NVH, but paring this with my ACT Clutch, I was totally blown away to see how forgiving the Whiteline Solid Motor Mount, shifts are more precise, car has more grip as the wheel hop is non existent, only in 1st gear and in reverse I feel the vibrations, but other than that really impressed of the Motor Mount.