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Morimoto Gen II XB LED Headlights | 16-21 Civic

Morimoto Gen II XB LED Headlights | 16-21 Civic

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  • 2016 - 2021 Honda Civic, all trims


The all-new XB Gen II headlights are packed with features that demonstrate Morimoto’s true attention to detail. Fitted with the latest in technology, compliance, quality, and styling; these headlights are designed for enthusiasts who are serious about all the above, even if it comes at a premium. Thanks to an array of generation of high output Bi-LED projectors, the Gen II Civic XB headlights will meet & exceed the highest expectations in the performance department. Here, our new Honda Civic headlight utilizes Quad Bi-LED projectors to deliver unmatched light output, with an incredibly bright and wide low beam, and a high beam that destroys darkness. The Morimoto XB Gen II Headlights are DOT compliant with all FVMSS108 regulations for on-road use in the USA. This product is completely designed, engineered & tested by the Morimoto team to meet the high expectations of our customers.

  • Max Performance: The Gen II Civic XB headlights use quad Bi-LED projectors to create an incredibly bright and wide low and high beam for excellent visibility at night.
  • DRL Optics: Easily out-shine low-tech found in other aftermarket headlamps, while providing a one-off look with high output when viewed from any distance.
  • Signal Swap: The DRL can be configured to run in either white or amber, while the turn signals can operate sequentially or in a more traditional on-off mode with an elegant fade-off effect.
  • Start Up Sequence: When starting your Civic, the optics will automatically illuminate in a multi-stage sequence before turning back off.
  • OE Fit & Installation: The XB Gen II headlights are expertly crafted to match all OE specifications to ensure a perfect fitment and hassle-free install.
  • 5 Year Warranty: Morimoto headlights are not inexpensive, but they are built to a high standard and should easily last the life of your Civic!
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Customer Reviews

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Type FC2
Great Lights - Install takes Patience

Totally changes the appearance of the car, and brings your vehicle up to a modern spec...
Installation is straight-forward for a halogen lit Civic, and I believe even simpler for LED models.
BE CAREFUL ADJUSTING THE HEADLIGHT BEAM screws. Read up on this, you can only turn the screws THREE TURNS and after that you risk breaking the mechanism. So mark the screws before you start turning them, and COUNT your turns. Take a picture of the back of the lights before you install them, as there are some labels printed on the housing iirc. Vertical adjustment is easy with a stubby screwdriver from behind, but Horizontal adjustment can be a swine if your lights are not perfect out of the box - the adjustment screws are at the sides and not reachable while installed. So my process was Install, Remove, turn, Install, Remove, turn, ... Nice sharp cutoff. Maybe not be the absolute brightest if you are trying to run 25H of Thunderhill in the dark, but for normal driving they are fine.