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Jets Vinyl

Jets Vinyl Vinyl Shifter Overlay | 16-21 Civic

Jets Vinyl Vinyl Shifter Overlay | 16-21 Civic

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  • 2016 - 2021 Honda Civic Base (Coupe, Hatch, Sedan)
  • 2017 - 2020 Honda Civic Si (Coupe, Sedan)
  • 2017 - 2021 Honda Civic Type R FK8


Add some colour to your 10th Gen Civic interior with the shifter vinyl overlay. These protect the piano black trim from getting scratched, as well as giving your car a unique look on the inside. These can get matched up perfectly with other overlays we offer, such as the steering wheel overlay, as well as the side markers. 

Made from high quality vinyl, easy installation and protects your interior from scratches, and even covers preexisting scratches! Various colours and patterns available. 

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Customer Reviews

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Looks good in the car adds that lil touch to the center console

Dylan Albright
It doesn't fit

I have a manual sport touring - so maybe this is specific to my trim. On my car, there in the curve that runs parallel with the length of the vehicle from front to back, but there is also another curve running perpendicular to this. A flat piece of vinyl can not accommodate 2 perpendicular curves - there will have to be a space, fold, cut, etc. This product is flawed by design for my vehicle.

Hey Dylan, I'll email you about this. Let's make sure you did get the right product, happy to work with you through this :)


Justin Plaizier
A nice and simple improvement

Its always bothered me how quickly the black glossy plastic section of the shifter console gets smudgy and dirty looking. This overlay solves that while changing up the esthetic a bit as well as introducing a subtle texture to the surface which feels better than the glossy plastic underneath.

The vinyl fits the space fully, leaving no edges uncovered by the vinyl. Looks great, feels great. Can't complain.

Thank You Justin! You're not alone, we'd all much rather have another material thank Gloss Black which scratches and looked smudged up right away. Enjoy!

Good stuff.

It's not easy to install this in perfect way, but after all it looks definitely better than oem piano black, so it is worth to suffer ;)

Easy to install, looks great

I had never put vinyl on anything before. This was the first of the various vinyl bits I bought that I applied. I didn't do a perfect job, but you need to REALLY get down there and look to see that, and it's not the fault of the vinyl or cut itself, it was my inexperience. Even so, I'm happy with how it came out. It is complete coverage, so don't worry about fitment, that's totally fine on this particular piece.
Some tips: Unlike me, I would recommend you wet the sticky side of the vinyl slightly, and the surface, before starting. The vinyl will slide around super easy if you do, so you can adjust it until it's perfect. Even if you don't wet it, the vinyl adhesive is very forgiving, you can lift and adjust it, and it will keep its stickiness, but if you do wet it first, it will slide around very easily. The only downside there is it will have to dry before it is set in place, so only VERY slightly wet it (damp would be good), do it on a hot day, outside in the sun if you can.