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Hybrid Racing

Hybrid Racing Formula Exhaust | 17-21 Civic Type R FK8

Hybrid Racing Formula Exhaust | 17-21 Civic Type R FK8

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  • 2017 - 2021 Honda Civic Type R FK8

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Performance driving is an exhilarating blend of adrenaline and theater. In this realm, the FK8 Civic Type-R is one of Honda's finest creations in the last two decades, showcasing remarkable capabilities. Yet, amidst its prowess lies a significant drawback: its sound. The engine's muted, subdued tone fails to mirror the true potential of the K20C powerplant. We knew we had to push ourselves and engineer an exhaust system that exceeded expectations. We are committed to surpassing our limits and crafting the most exceptional and versatile exhaust system available for the FK8 Civic Type-R.

Becoming the best in any realm demands exhaustive dedication and effort. For us, this journey began with a blank sheet that invited us to envision our aspirations. We meticulously outlined a wish list encapsulating the essence of what our system ought to embody. Quality became our cornerstone—a non-negotiable standard ensuring durability, reliability, and superior performance. Functionality was imperative; our system needed to integrate seamlessly into the driving experience, enhancing power and efficiency.

Uniqueness became a focus—distinctiveness in an oversaturated market. We sought innovation, a touch of ingenuity that set us apart. Whether in design elements, materials, or performance enhancement, our goal was to offer something unparalleled.

Among these aspirations, affordability remained pivotal. We envisioned a product that didn't compromise quality or uniqueness yet remained within reach for those passionate about performance and sound. Our bespoke exhaust is meticulously crafted for the Honda Civic Type-R, a tribute born from a deep understanding of the Type-R essence. Every fragment of this system was precisely handpicked and chosen to accentuate the Type-R's innate character.


Attention to detail begins with custom-designed flanges and the utilization of specialized hardware, ensuring a seamless assembly that guards against any possibility of leaks. Our resonator and muffler are exclusive, original creations meticulously engineered to deliver perfect sound explicitly tailored for this vehicle.

The strategic placement of the electronic valve and the inclusion of dual adapters within the mid-pipe exemplify our commitment to versatility and compatibility. This thoughtful design enables perfect bolt-on integration with any front pipe, offering flexibility without compromising performance or time.

We've introduced a dry-carbon fiber rear trim panel to elevate aesthetics and personalization, an elegant addition offering a unique style. Moreover, our range of exhaust tips allows enthusiasts to curate their desired look.

The innovation extends to practicality as well. The rear muffler's adjustable hangers grant you complete control over alignment, ensuring the system sits precisely as desired. This attention to the finer points underscores our dedication to meeting expectations and surpassing them, providing enthusiasts with a tailor-made experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

The Hybrid Racing Formula exhaust system goes beyond just enhancing the car's performance; its design refines the Civic's aesthetics. An integral part of this transformation is the inclusion of a dry-carbon fiber rear valence. This addition elevates the car's appearance and streamlines the rear bumper. The valence is a testament to our commitment to eliminating the factory's triple-tip design and replacing it with a sleeker, more race-inspired system.

This upgrade doesn't stop at the valence. Our exhaust system offers many exhaust tip options, allowing enthusiasts the liberty to customize their car's look. Drawing inspiration from the aerodynamic efficiency of blown diffusers seen in racing, we've innovated flush exhaust tips that seamlessly integrate into the rear, enhancing the car's overall aesthetics. These flush tips, available in black, exude a sporty allure, contributing to a clean and aggressive appearance.

To offer options that match diverse tastes, we present a range of color choices for the exhaust tips. From the classic black to the striking tones of bronze and gunmetal, these variations allow enthusiasts to personalize their Type-R to their exact preferences.

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