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Honda OE Type R LE ADS Module Upgrade | 17-21 Civic Type R FK8

Honda OE Type R LE ADS Module Upgrade | 17-21 Civic Type R FK8

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  • 2017 - 2021 Honda Civic Type R FK8

April 24: 5 units in stock!


A relatively new discovery made by the FK8 community was the compatibility of the Adaptive Damper System (ADS) unit from the Phoenix Yellow 2021 Type R Limited Edition (LE) over to the non-LE years. 

What you need to know:

1) All 2017 - 2021 Honda Civic Type R FK8's ever built share the exact same shock part numbers, so no difference there. 

2) 2017 - 2019 Honda Civic Type R have the first version of the ADS module. It was considered to be stiff and harsh, and owners of these years especially lowered on stiffer springs such as Swift for example complain of the poor ride quality

3) 2020 - 2021 Honda Civic Type R have version 2 of the ADS module. The ride quality was improved further, but some owners say it's hard to differentiate between all modes as it was previously

4) 2021 Civic Type R LE gets the Version 3, which is the part you are purchasing here on this page. The LE's ADS unit will do the following: 

  • Unique characteristics in all 3 modes
  • Comfort: removal of the bouncing, jiggly feeling. Stiff but not jarring
  • Sport: feels as stiff as +R, just the right amount to have fun on the street, and/or a bumpy track surface
  • +R: if you felt the standard +R wasn't stiff enough for track and some of the high speed straights felt a little floaty, this is where you'll feel the +R setting now feels like a Porsche GT3 as its simply glued to the surface. If you're on aftermarket springs with stiffer rates, no longer will you feel a mismatch between a soft damper and stiff spring, both will feel equally balanced allowing you to push harder with greater confidence in each corner

 Conclusion: if you're not satisfied with how the factory dampers ride and do not want to go the route of lowering your Type R, and/or you'd like further refinement after lowering your Type R, the Type R LE ADS module is for you! This is a 10-minute swap that is reversible, doesn't trigger any error lights, and takes it from really good factory suspension to a great factory suspension setup! 

You don't need to go for a Coilover setup costing thousands of dollars and adding complication, the factory dampers will serve 95% of the enthusiasts very well!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This product has made a huge difference in performance and how the car handles.

It has not only made the car more rigid and less prone to body roll but has made it more comfortable as it’s able to deal with bumps and undulations better than the original unit.

A worth while purchase for anyone who wants coilover benifit but to still keep the adaptive damping.

Imran M
Awesome upgrade for aggressive driving

As soon as the LE ADS was installed the difference was noticed right away. The suspension immediately felt more rigid and feels like its reacting to the road faster. In +R mode it is very stiff and Would be comparable to going up three clicks on a an adjustable coilover damping from before it was installed. Sport mode is a good daily driver mode, is comfortable to use and stops you from constantly bouncing in the seat like +R mode does. Comfort mode is quite soft and squishy. The small bumps are absorbed but the bigger dips and bumps are a little more firm as the suspension gets compressed and has time to react to the road.

It is a great upgrade if you are looking to drive the car hard as it feels planted at high speed and at low speed its a little uncomfortably stiff. I would say it is a worth while upgrade as it only takes around 10 mins to install.

Not installed yet, but excited by the prospects.

My 2019 had the first gen setup, better than the second gen, but since I'm now on Swift Spec R springs, Comfort mode damping is useless, Sport is okay but kinda wimpy, and R+ works reasonably well. The enhanced tuning in this LE module should provide functional upgrades at every level, especially in R+ where it matters most. Along with a rigid collar set, this is the most effective, cost effective (budget) upgrade to the FK8 suspension, regardless as to which springs your vehicle rides on. Kinda challenging to lay my hands on this, thankful that Unity Performance was able to provide.

Jordan Dash
Proper feeling for sportcar enthusiasts

Okay so, I’ve had some time with the ADS module now… go to bottom for TLDR.

This is how the car should’ve come from factory in my opinion. The car doesn’t feel sloppy like it used at slow speeds, it feels a lot more snappy and rough with an extra bit of detail. Weather permitting and track/autocross season obviously not being here right now, the car feels more eager to change directions maintaining a more flat composure instead of sinking into a corner before coming back up.

I have been driving in +R all week since putting it in, and also would drive +R daily since I’ve gotten the car as the car overall responds better, or at least how I would prefer. It isn’t for people who aren’t familiar or wanting an actual sportscar.. try looking into a GT. There is definite bounce expected of a harder riding car, but absolutely any boat like feeling from the car is gone.

I’ve also been testing a speed bump near my house that often my exhaust would drag on if I went anything about 15-20kmh over it… I can now go over 20 easily and not worry about dragging, which tells me the ADS stabilizes the car so much faster now, which is what Honda tells us, but it’s great to see the actual difference.

Car feels like uncompromising sportscar now, stabilization of car much much faster, bounce sensation more apparent than other ADS modules 2017-19/2020+, not meant for people who use comfort mode often, direction changes feel more direct/quicker…

I need more seat time with it at either autocross or track, so expecting big difference in feel when ACTUALLY driving.

Thank you Jordan! Glad to hear it's doing exactly as advertised for you, the LE came as buttoned up as the FK8 platform could be and it's just a simple hardware-software swap to get the others to its level.

Could you please share your updated review in the summer when the AutoX/Track Season begins :)