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HEL Oil Cooler Kit | 23+ Civic Type R FL5

HEL Oil Cooler Kit | 23+ Civic Type R FL5

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  • 2023+ Honda Civic Type R FL5


Introducing HEL's new direct fit oil cooler for the all-new 2023-onwards Honda FL5 Civic Type R. HEL UK purchased their own FL5 in order to develop and test this kit in track conditions. The result is a kit that keeps oil temps at bay around 20C lower at all times.

Unlike the FK2 Civic Type R and much like the FK8, there were not a great deal of options for where an oil cooler could go on the FL5. After 3D scanning the front end we decided on the left side of the grille area which is in direct airflow and doesn’t hinder airflow to anything else.

A 16 Row Setrab Series 6 ProLine oil cooler oil cooler is used in this kit. The 16 row option gives a great balance between minimising pressure loss while giving very effective cooling.

At the other end our cooler we opted for our latest Multi Angled Billet Thermostatic sandwich plate. The front mounted thermostat gives extra clearance on this kit where space around the oil filter is limited. Using this plate also has 2 spare ports which allow you to fit temperature and pressure sensors if required.

HEL Performance Multi Angled Billet thermostatic sandwich plate set at 92°C (197.6°F). We've found the 92°C option gives you the perfect balance between cooling when needed and letting the engine warm up safely. It's also dangerous for the oil to be too cold and the thermostat controls the temperature with precision.

This comprehensive kit come complete with preassembled high flow AN10 HEL braided hoses and anodised aluminium fittings and all fixings/brackets which use OE pickups and requires no drilling/modifications on the car at all. The hoses are protected with abrasion-resistant heat shrunk braided sleeving which aids also with noise and rattle suppression.

This direct-fit kit offers a safe and reliable cooling system for the FL5 Type R. It comes complete with easy-to-understand instructions and our technical support team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please note:

The oil temperature data was collected using a stand alone SPAR oil temperature/pressure gauge where the sensor unit is mounted directly in the oil cooler sandwich plate. This has provided us with a true oil temperate reading during testing, where as the data displayed on the HUD & Honda LogoR system is a simulated reading and should not be used for refrence once an oil cooler kit has been installed.

Testing carried out at Castle Combe (UK) in 18°C (average) ambient air temp. Please see the provided graph for all information collected.

What's Included
  • Setrab Series 6 ProLine 16 row oil cooler with AN10 banjo adapters to maximise clearance and minimise pressure loss.
  • HEL custom aluminium oil cooler brackets.
  • HEL multi angled solid billet 92°C thermostatic oil filter sandwich plate.
  • Preassembled AN10 HEL braided hoses with anodised aluminium fittings.
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware.
  • Installation instructions.
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    Quality of the parts is very good