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Goodridge SS Brake Lines | 17-21 Civic Hatch

Goodridge SS Brake Lines | 17-21 Civic Hatch

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  • 2017 - 2021 Honda Civic Hatch


For the serious enthusiast looking to improve their braking performance, Stainless Steel Braided Lines are an excellent upgrade vs. the factory rubber lines on your 2016+ Honda Civic.

Factory rubber brake lines expand when the brake fluid gets hot after several hard stops - you can tell that fluid is boiling and lines are expanding when the brake pedal travel get's longer / spongy. Stainless steel braiding stops the lines from expanding to give you consistent brake pedal feel.

Goodridge was the first company to produce braided stainless steel brake lines for automotive use and established them as the standard in motorsport around the world. Quality in unparalleled, and to walk the talk I have been testing tested these brake lines on my 2017 Honda Civic Si sedan that sees occasional track use, and frequent spirited driving since August 2019!

What's even more unique is that these lines will fit the popular Hyundai Genesis Coupe Brembo Big Brake Upgrade. In fact, I would say these lines are a mandatory upgrade to restore brake pedal feel with the Brembo upgrade since the pedal does get spongy with factory rubber lines due to the fluid going to 4 pistons vs. 1 piston.

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