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ACT Street (Full Face Sprung) Clutch Kit | 16-22+ Civic 1.5T, Si, 23+ Integra

ACT Street (Full Face Sprung) Clutch Kit | 16-22+ Civic 1.5T, Si, 23+ Integra

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  • 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T Manual
  • 2022+ Honda Civic Si (Coupe, Sedan)
  • 2016 - 2021 Honda Civic 1.5T Manual
  • 2017 - 2020 Honda Civic Si
  • 2023+ Acura Integra Manual


      It's no secret that clutch kits have been a hit or miss (mostly miss) on the Civic 1.5T platform, hence we did not offer one until now till we did our own testing to verify what works well rather than selling a hotly anticipated item early, and finding issues later.

      Having broken-in carefully at first, then all sorts of daily driving, performing several WOT pulls, and even two full track days on the ACT HC10-HDSS Kit, we are confident after 3,000 miles of use that this clutch kit will perform well on your 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T with the Manual Transmission. The clutch pedal is mildly stiffer than the factory feel; solid engagement but not heavy enough to call it a "leg day" type of clutch. The less rotating inertia from the 17.6lbs flywheel (32.5lbs factory flywheel) means that revs rise up, and drop much faster, making this engine a lot less lazy, and more lively!

      No chatter to report, and rev hang has been completely eliminated. ACT does have other 4 and 6-puck clutch kits, which we're choosing not to offer yet since they are race kits with shorter life span that are tricky to drive daily, plus we haven't tested that kit. Our Blue Si is FBO and puts power down with ease, and we have seen others in the community running big turbo setups with this kit, and don't have any issues.

      Here's what's included in the box

      • ACT 17.6lbs Single Mass Aluminum Flywheel (factory flywheel is a Dual Mass 32.5lbs unit)
      • ACT Full Face Sprung Clutch Disc
      • ACT Pressure Plate
      • Alignment Tool
      • Pilot Bushing
      • Release Bearing
      • Instructions


      • Total Weight: 33lbs
      • Torque Capacity: 363ft/lbs (63% better than factory)
      • Disc Material: Organic

      Check out all our pictures of the kit being weighed and installed. 

      On our Blue Si, this kit is paired up with the upgraded Clutch Master Cylinder (KzCMC), and PRL SS Clutch Line - Clutch Delay Valve (CDV) Delete also performed. Although it is NOT a must to perform either of these upgrades/modifications, however IF you will be racing, and trying to shift quickly at redline then you may encounter what is known as "Lockout". It has been well-documented that the factory components may lead to a lockout situation, not letting you shift as fast as you desire. "Lockout" is not the clutch kit's fault, it's the factory Clutch Master Cylinder that may struggle to generate enough hydraulic pressure to engage and disengage ANY heavy duty clutch quickly. You can still run this kit without those upgrades if you so choose to do so, it will not harm your clutch kit either way.

      We are still using the ACT Throw-out Bearing with our Si that is included in the kit, and for warranty purposes it MUST be used. Some will prefer to use the OEM Throw-out bearing, that would be your choice but please understand that it may complicate any warranty matters since ACT states that all their components must be used.

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      Customer Reviews

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      david romero

      ACT Street (Full Face Sprung) Clutch Kit | 16-22+ Civic 1.5T, Si, 23+ Integra

      Thank you for the review, David! I had the same clutch in my old Si, the OG Aegean Blue build and it worked flawlessly for me so I've been happy to offer it everyone :)


      Manuel Tiempos

      ACT Street (Full Face Sprung) Clutch Kit | 16-22+ Civic 1.5T, Si, 23+ Integra

      Ralph Ruivivar
      Act Street Clutch kit w/17Lb flywheel for Civic Si 2018

      1st off this product was recommended by Humza of Unity Performance himself, and I am glad that I followed his recommendation. Shifting is now 200% better especially with the 17lb flywheel and full face sprung combo, perfect recipe for Daily driving. Shopping and Shipping wise, I highly recommend to buy from him as he keeps you updated with the item you brought, he also gives his personal insights about the product. For a one man online shop, he’s exceptional.

      Zach Kuhn
      Great Clutch, Terrible Install

      I’m going to write this review based on the product itself and not on the installation process (because it was hard asf). This is a very nice clutch if you’re looking to add a good amount of torque but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of a stock clutch. Sure, the pedal is a little stiffer and yes it is much easier to stall with the 18lb flywheel but after getting used to it this clutch honestly feels like it could’ve come from the factory. The lightweight flywheel really opens up the engine. When you rev the car the engine is now actually responsive and your revs drop at a much more reasonable rate compared to the stock 36lb flywheel. Overall I would consider this clutch as necessary if you plan to do more than just a tune to your 10th gen civic. I unfortunately to not have any pictures from the install but I will include a few of the components in their packaging
      P.S. shoutout to Humza for having such amazing customer service.

      Reasad Farsad
      Yeee Hawwww

      After having the Hondata Plus 9 base map, along with countless launches and a few drag strip runs, the clutch was clearly slipping in 3rd and 5th gear. Upon seeing and feeling the clutch in the Unity Performance blue Si, the choice was not hard to make. After breaking the clutch in, I can instantly feel the car being able to put down all the power, without taking away the daily drivability of the car, that is often seen in aftermarket clutches, during the clutch install I also had the Whiteline Front Sway bar installed as to do the sway bar the subframe has to be dropped, same case when doing the clutch, hence hitting two birds with one stone was a choice and decision was made by me and Humza. One very important disclaimer and something to consider as a must, would be a solid motor mount, I went with the Whiteline Billet 85a motor mount (check the review on the product page to see how that is), given the lighter flywheel, the car tends to rock back and forth trying to grab the clutch to put the power down, adding the motor mount makes it feel solid and gets rid of the play. Be sure to follow me @905_fc1 on Instagram for a review after track day!