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27WON W3 Turbocharger | 16-21 Civic 1.5T, Si

27WON W3 Turbocharger | 16-21 Civic 1.5T, Si

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  • 2016 - 2021 Honda Civic 1.5T (Coupe, Hatch, Sedan)
  • 2017 - 2020 Honda Civic Si (Coupe, Sedan)

Note: requires a built L15 shortblock, additional fueling, clutch upgrade, and headstud kit. This is not an upgrade for a tired, stock engine.


A triple threat. Can this be none other than the W3? The final iteration of the most popular line of aftermarket turbos for the 10th Generation Honda Civic with the L15 engine. Yes, yes, it is!

The “W’ in the title stands for WORK or is it WINNING? Never mind, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is we’re bringing this massive drop-in turbo to you today! This is the largest and most powerful drop-in turbo on the market.

What makes it special? Well, for one it’s built on a TD-05 style center section. This allows for a larger shaft and more robust Ball Bearing cartridge than possible in a TD-04 housing. This also allows the use of some pretty large wheels as well as a healthy .65 A/R.

At the end of the day, if 400+WHP is your goal and you want to maintain a complete drop-in turbo solution, this is the only turbo kit to consider. No custom fab work, no tricky mixing and matching of parts here. This is quite literary a plug and play solution to get some big numbers out of the 1.5T Si.

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We heard the requests and we were happy to oblige. The community was asking for a turbo capable of 400+WHP all while retaining compatibility with common off-the-shelf bolt ons like our massive turbo inlet pipe and downpipe . We get it, not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of fabricating custom parts and piecing together a setup that may not play well.

We took the same formula that has made the W1 and W2 so popular and bumped everything up a notch or two. We upsized the compressor and turbine wheels. We retained the nice big TD-05 CHRA and 0.65 A/R (from W2), making this W3 the most powerful drop-in turbo on the market.

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The heart of any turbo is the Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA). When designing the W3 Turbocharger, we knew we’d need to use a Ball Bearing CHRA. That was a no brainer. With these big wheels on such a small engine, we needed to do everything we could to retain solid spool characteristics. By going with a TD-05 style CHRA we utilized a larger shaft and bearings which will handle the increased stress of high boost and the physically larger wheels. Finish everything off with larger cooling jackets around the CHRA and you really have a turbocharger that can take some punishment whether you are pushing it on the street or the track.

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100% drop-in

The W3 is a 100% drop in turbo just like the W1 and W2. It is designed to work within the OEM constraints and the install is fully reversible should the need arise. We’ve made installation easy with full color step by step instructions and no need to discard or modify the supporting performance parts you’ve already invested in. This is how you REDEFINE.

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easy path to 400hp

With a larger turbocharger you have some space constraints and we’ve pushed the limits of what will fit in that spot in front of your L15 block. So, your stock heatshield has to go! It was basic anyways.

And since you can't use the OEM one, we include a new one. That’s right, a custom heatshield formed from 16ga 304 SS and finished off with a laser-cut "W" logo so others know that you are rocking the best under your hood. This head shield is a straight bolt on replacement for the W3.

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MASSIVE: Bigger and Badder: W3 is here!: READ MORE

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TD-05 style CHRA

Let’s talk specs really quick. Check out the quick rundown below on the wheel specifications:

  • W3 compressor wheel inducer = 50mm
  • W3 compressor wheel exducer = 68mm
  • W3 turbine wheel inducer = 55mm
  • W3 turbine wheel exducer = 49mm

These wheel sizes were selected to deliver a turbo with big lungs. What we mean is thing has massive mid-range and top-end power. This is an ideal turbo for someone looking to get into drag or roll race situations. When talking about a comparison to a stock OEM turbo and even the W1 and W2, this turbo is going to be able to pull to redline with much more grunt.

The A/R was kept to .65. Why does that matter? There is only so much exhaust flow available from the L15 to spin the turbo. The bigger the A/R the longer it's going to take to spool up the turbo. This A/R is also not so big as to completely destroy response times. This was a big consideration for us.

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massive power on the dyno

Ok, the fun graph. How much power does this thing make and where is it made? Those are the 2 questions you want to ask when looking for a turbo for your build. Let’s start with what this isn’t and that is a turbo that’s spools fast and behaves very OEM like. If you want that, go for a W1. This turbo delivers massive power from 4K+ RPM and up. Just look at that nice linear graph. The L15 likes power, especially when it’s dialed in gradually like you see. This test was conducted on our 18 Si running a full suite of supporting mods and Ethanol fuel. We recommend a upgraded short block with rod, piston, and head stud upgrades to reliably handle this amount of power.

If you want a recap on where the W1 and W2 turbos land, check out this read for the W1 and this read for the W2. As you might suspect, the W2 falls in between the W1 and W3 in terms of spool characteristics and top end power.

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All the hardware you’ll ever need

Brand new studs, gaskets, nuts, and lines are included with every turbo so you won't have to run to the hardware store. This is a complete kit and doesn’t require any core exchanges either so you keep your original turbo and there is no downtime.

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  • Upgraded engine block components such as beefier rods, pistons, etc. plus upgraded head studs are recommended. Read about the process with our how-to guide HERE
  • Not recommended for CVT due to transmission torque limits. Manual transmission users will need an upgraded clutch
  • 5W-30 engine oil required post install
  • The ideal use case for this turbo is a performance track application, like drag or roll racing. This turbo is built for high top end power and its boost response is slower to build as a result
  • Install requires removal of OEM hood prop bracket (27WON version included)

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