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27WON High Flow Catted Downpipe | 17-23+ Civic Type R FK8 & FL5, 23+ Integra Type S DE5

27WON High Flow Catted Downpipe | 17-23+ Civic Type R FK8 & FL5, 23+ Integra Type S DE5

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Unity Performance is the exclusive Canadian Dealer for all 27WON Performance Products in Canada! US folks, please continue to purchase through 27WON directly.



  • 2017 - 2021 Honda Civic Type R FK8
  • 2023+ Honda Civic Type R FL5
  • 2023+ Acura Integra Type S DE5


It's no secret that an upgraded performance downpipe makes a world of difference on any 2017+ K20C1 equipped Honda Civic Type R.

We took a look at the current setups on the market and said, "we can make it better" and the 27WON high flow downpipe was born.

A CAD-optimized design, dyno-proven power gains, T304 stainless steel construction, and OEM-like fitment make this downpipe the perfect setup for your next exhaust mod. Check out the full details below and see how we REDEFINE the 27WON Civic Type R catted downpipe.

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An optimized 3.75-inch inlet size on our performance downpipe creates an optimal flow scenario allowing hot exhaust gasses to quickly escape from the turbine side providing increased turbocharger efficiency and response. This is also the largest diameter drop-in downpipe on the market for the CTR. #Facts

Speaking of turbos, we designed our downpipe to match up perfectly to the stock turbo in your Type R or our sick FK8 "Kuro" upgraded turbo that can support over 500+WHP. This downpipe will also mate up to any aftermarket turbo that retains OEM-sized flanges on the turbine side.



The 27WON performance downpipe is cast from T304 stainless steel. This stainless-steel variety is not only strong, but offers the perfect finish for aesthetics and ultimate durability.

We then precisely TIG weld each cast section of the downpipe to the catalytic converter body ensuring a leak-free connection.


We designed our downpipe to retain all the OEM pick-up points to be able to re-use the stock heat shields . When it comes to heat, we want to keep it out of the engine bay as much as possible so re-using the stock heat shields is a no-brainer. Also included are all the nuts, bolts, and studs for a seamless installation the first time.


Power, we all know that’s what you’re here for. All of our dyno testing was conducted using a Dynapack chassis hub dynamometer with our 2018 Civic Type R outfitted with a suite of bolt on modifications.

Over a 6 dyno run average, the 27WON downpipe measured over 10 WHP and 28 LB/FT more torque than the stock Honda downpipe. In our best run, we saw more than 33 LB/FT of torque over stock!

  • OEM downpipe = blue line
  • 27WON Performance downpipe = green line


For optimum exhaust velocity the 27WON downpipe upgrade comes equipped with a high-flow 200 cell density metallic foil catalytic converter. We’ve found this to be the perfect cell density (CPSI) for performance and flow characteristics for the 2.0T K20C1 engine application.

For-off road use only. CEL can be illuminated


For all you FK8 owners, not only does our downpipe work extremely well with your OEM exhaust, it cranks out even more power when paired with the benefits of our larger and freer flowing 27WON full 3-inch cat-back exhaust.


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