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Whiteline 22mm Rear Sway Bar | 16-22+ Civic, 23+ Integra

Whiteline 22mm Rear Sway Bar | 16-22+ Civic, 23+ Integra

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Sway Bar Brackets
End Links


  • 2016 - 2021 Honda Civic
  • 2017 - 2020 Honda Civic Si
  • 2017 - 2021 Honda Civic Type R FK8
  • 2022+ Honda Civic
  • 2022+ Honda Civic Si
  • 2022+ Honda Civic Type R FL5
  • 2023+ Acura Integra

    Notes: no additional brackets required for 2016 - 2021 Civic. 2022+ Civic, and 2023+ Integra require additional Honda OEM brackets as the factory sway bar has them welded shut to them. It's easier to order with new brackets compared to prying/cutting existing brackets, and then having to reverse the process if you part out the car in the future


    Engineered to 'Activate More Grip', sway bars are principally designed to reduce body roll or sway. By reducing body roll, lateral loads are spread more evenly across the tires thereby increasing cornering grip and improving outright performance.

    Whiteline's 22mm 2-point adjustable Rear Sway Bar is one of the best modifications you can do to improve your 10th Gen Civic's handling! Having tested it personally on Street and Track with a stock front sway bar in place still, I felt that the rear wanted to rotate with the front of the car, and not just dragging around like a dog's tail. The Unity Si was more eager to turn in, but at no point felt scary that it would oversteer out of control. In fact, benefits extend to improvements in handling, safety and tire wear without affecting ride quality or comfort. See attached pictures of 18mm Si vs. 22mm Whiteline rear sway bar.

    22mm Rear Sway Bar Bushings and Grease is included in the base price. Accord End Links are an inexpensive upgrade that will work perfectly and are highly recommended as they are stronger aluminum versus plastic factory Civic end links, which can break with the increased torsional rigidity. You don't need to get the more expensive Whiteline Adjustable End Links but they're listed if you would like them. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Anand S
    Really Good

    Man this sway bar made such a difference in handling. While making turns or on and off ramps for the highway, the car has so much grip ... installation was pretty straight forward. To remove the old one and put the new one in, I had to remove rear springs to get some more wiggle room.
    The torque setting in case someone needs them, these are straight from Honda.
    Brackets 27 lb/ft 12mm
    Endlink bolt 27 lb/ft 12mm
    Endlink nut 55 lb/ft 14mm

    If you're taking the rear springs out then it's a 17mm bolt torqued at 57 lb/ft.

    Get this, you won't regret it!!!

    Bryan Hoang
    22 MM RSB for 11th Generation Honda Civic Si

    Upon unpacking this RSB, you will find a thicker and higher quality sway-bar compared to the OEM RSB. This part was installed on my 2023 Honda Civic Si. Along with new brackets required for the 11th Gen platform, and factory Aluminum Honda Accord endlinks - a highly recommended upgrade from the factored plastic mounts.

    First impressions:
    Although the 11th Generation Civic is already a fantastic handling car, there isn’t much to write home about when it comes to how the rear end feels when taking turns at 11/10ths I would describe it as a dog dragging its rear in wet cement after a monsoon.

    Once installed upon the first test drive, my immediate thought was; “Why didn’t the car come like this from the factory!”

    The car feels much flatter going around cliche corners, esses, and hairpins, if you attack a corner hard enough you may even notice that the car feels like it would rather induce very manageable oversteer rather than blood boiling under steer.

    Overall I believe this should be the very first mod any 11th Generation Civic owner should consider if they are looking to activate more grip and take their lap times in “redacted” to greater feats.

    Denham Andre
    Love the difference

    I was recommended this mod by 10th gen club's very own Vice President, Scott Duke and I can't thank him enough on this. This, paired with the Accord end links, provides the perfect amount of handling you can get out of your Civic. Hitting those on ramps and off ramps at high speeds, you are definitely planted into your seat. Even just taking a sharp turn on the streets, you can feel the back end just staying as flat and nimble as possible Also, can't thank Thusee enough for installing this for me. I highly recommend this mod to anyone looking to get a much nicer driving experience out of their Civic.

    I can't recommend this enough

    This sway bar was easily the most extra performance I've gotten out of my FK7 for under $300. Grip and weight transfer in turns was significantly increased. If you're on the fence don't wait like I did, it's worth every cent!

    Great package!

    Swapped with the Accord end links combo. So much flatter when turning!! Thanks Humza for offering this combo with the more sturdy Accord end links