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Perrin RMM Insert - Civic Type R
Perrin RMM Insert - Civic Type R
Perrin RMM Insert - Civic Type R

Perrin RMM Insert - Civic Type R

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Introducing the Perrin Rear Motor Mount Insert (RMM) for the Civic Type R. The factory Type R Mount comes with slightly different bushings to the rest of the Civic lineup, and this insert is designed to fit it specifically

The Perrin RMM Insert controls the movement of the drive-train both on and off throttle giving you a more positive feel, and less wheel hop when launching the car from a stop.



After testing various setups personally, Unity Performance will offer both the Whiteline RMM Insert, and Perrin RMM Insert. Here's why:

- Whiteline is 1x 94a polyurethane bushing that fits all Civic trims. It's a great OEM+ upgrade for the enthusiast looking for less slop in the shifter, and less engine movement. Gains are noticeable, but you really don't feel any added vibration except for lightly in Reverse. 

- Perrin is 2x 70a polyurethane bushings that are softer than the 90a Whiteline, however having two of them makes it a more rigid setup, becoming an OEM++ upgrade. The benefit is less slop, but there is additional NVH. However, it is still friendly for daily-use, and to haul passengers around but you will know there is a a noticeable shake in 1st when setting off, and in Reverse. While driving there is slightly noticeable added NVH, but not intrusive.