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Competition Clutch Stage 2 Kit (22lbs Flywheel) - Civic 1.5T 6MT (incl. Si)

Competition Clutch Stage 2 Kit (22lbs Flywheel) - Civic 1.5T 6MT (incl. Si)

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Competition Stage 2 Clutch Kit competes head to head with the ACT Street Clutch Kit that we also offer. After testing both, we're comfortable offering both here at Unity Performance. You can read our impressions on the ACT Kit on it's product page, here's our thoughts and description of the Competition Clutch Stage 2 Kit w/ the 22lbs Single Mass Flywheel.

The Competition Clutch Stage 2 Kit shaves 10lbs from the Factory design by going with a lighter Single Mass Flywheel design compared to the heavy Dual Mass Flywheel that weighs in at over 32lbs on the Civic 1.5T and Si. This weight loss contributes to elimination of rev-hang, which we know plagues the manual shifting experience with stock clutch kits. The stronger pressure plate and clutch disc from Competition Clutch are able to hold 425ftlbs of torque in total, which is good for any FBO and larger turbo build that you could do on a stock engine. 

The 22lb Lightweight Flywheel is more daily friendly than the 17lb Ultra Lightwieght Competition Clutch Flywheel, and the ACT Single Mass Flywheel which is also 17lbs. Going with 17lbs you do get even less Rev Hang, but you can't be lazy with your clutch and gas pedal balance in 1st and Reverse, otherwise you'll stall. In the forward gears, the 22lbs Flywheel is also smoother between each shift.

During the first 500 miles of break-in period, the Competition's clutch pedal feel is very stiff/heavy, but it lightens up after the break-in, and will feel like a stock Civic Type R clutch pedal which has good weight to it.

Feel free to ask us any questions, this is a product we can stand behind!

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