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2016+ Honda Civic Wide Angle Rearview Mirror
2016+ Honda Civic Wide Angle Rearview Mirror
2016+ Honda Civic Wide Angle Rearview Mirror

2016+ Honda Civic Wide Angle Rearview Mirror

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This is a convex wide angle rear view mirror with a unique blue hue. R1400 curvature is used to achieve the wide angle view. Easy installation, simply slap our mirror to the OEM with adhesive, which is included.

Note: Confirm your rear mirror is Donnelly 045617. You can check that information on the back of the rear mirror.


    To enhance your safety and driving performance, Suma Mirrors use premium optic glass that creates the best wide angle convex to effectively reduce blind spot. Suma mirrors are R1000, whereas other mirrors are R1400 (The smaller the R-number, the wider the view).


    Clear visibility in rainy conditions to provide safety and driving performance.

    Suma water repellent feature is permanent. This feature is coated during the proprietary SOGEL manufacturing process. Other mirrors typically use spray-on water repellent after the mirrors have been produced that wears out over time.


    Suma Mirrors go through proprietary SOGEL process that takes multiple steps/days to produce our signature, blue mirrors such that the mirrors themselves are actually clear and colorless.

    The reason Suma Mirrors look blue is because they absorb all spectrum of the colors except the blue color that's pleasant to the eyes, effectively reducing glare (the yellow color spectrum, which causes the glare, is absorbed).

    Other mirrors, in contrast, use the vacuum coating process such that the blue color is actually coated on the mirror itself (unlike ours, clear/colorless mirrors that only reflect blue color). Based on that, other mirrors are not truly anti-glare because the glare is still reflected to human eyes. Over time, the blue coating will eventually fade on other mirrors. The blue hue of Suma Mirrors does not fade and are truly anti-glare.

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