UPDATE: Working through a massive backlog of orders, and emails. Please be patient, and read all product descriptions. Thank You! - Humza

Returns, Replacements, and Shipping Policies

Order Cancel + Refunds (prior to Shipping)

For smaller, generic items I can issue a 100% refund if the product has not been sent out to you yet. Items include:

  1. Side Marker Lights
  2. Flat Bottom Steering Wheels
  3. SUMA Performance Mirrors
  4. SK LED's
  5. Jets Vinyl (generic decals)
  6. Ultra Racing
  7. Whiteline

If you place a custom order, or order on a larger item that Unity Performance has to purchase from a manufacturer/supplier specifically for you, there is a 10% restock fee. Items include:

  1. AWE Exhaust Systems
  2. Jets Vinyl (custom decals)
  3. Touring-style LED Headlights


Unless the wrong product has been sent to you, Returns will not be accepted. In such an event, please do not try to install the wrong part. Contact right away so we can discuss next steps.

Waranty Replacements

The original buyer may be eligible for a new part replacement granted the following:

  1. Please do your best to address any issues within 7 days of Delivery. Please use provided install videos on the website - statistically I have seen install errors made by those who have not watched the install videos / followed instructions.
  2. If an issue arises 7 days post-delivery, please send an email at info@unity-performance.com, or go to the Contact page to submit your inquiry. Please send pictures, and send your order number.
  3. IMPORTANT: Original buyer must always ship product back first at own expense, and will receive an update upon us receiving and inspecting the product. No exception - please be smart, never throw away your stock parts in general. I will not send out a replacement to you, and then expect you to ship the part back once you get the new part.


Best efforts are made to wrap your product(s) in the safest manner. Products are also inspected prior to shipping to catch any defects that could be present prior to shipping out the order. Unity Performance will not be liable for any damages to the product while in transit. I will however be able to assist you in submitting a claim with the courier if required.

If an item is lost during shipping, Unity Performance is not liable for the cost of replacement. I will however be able to assist you in submitting a claim with the courier if required.

For example: base shipping option for Side Marker Lights does not include Tracking + Insurance, it is listed explicitly. I offer the additional shipping package that includes Tracking + Insurance, to give you the buyer more visibility on your package and peace of mind if a package is lost in the mail.


Please send an email at info@unity-performance.com for any questions, or go to the Contact page to submit your question(s).