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Ultra Racing Strut Bar - All Civic

Ultra Racing Strut Bar - All Civic

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One-piece Front Strut Bar by Ultra Racing. This brace is only meant for the FK8 Civic Type R only.


What are Strut Bars, and what do they do?

A Strut Bar / Brace connects the top of the the two strut towers that hold your front shocks/struts. Connecting the two areas creates a closed box-like setup that prevents the chassis from flexing during cornering as there's added support with the bar installed. Reduction of flex means that tires remain flat and in contact with the ground at all times - the more contact, the more traction and handling ability.


Why Ultra Racing?

If you're not new to chassis and suspension modifications, Ultra Racing is nearly a household name. I've added Ultra Racing to my Civic Si sedan, and felt an immediate difference in how direct the steering inputs felt, and how car wouldn't flex going over bumps and in-turns. Ultra Racing is famous for their one-piece designs that reduce flex, in comparison to multi-piece bars which lose out in providing the full extent of chassis rigidity.

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