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Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit
Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit
Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit
Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit
Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit

Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit

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Whiteline Anti Lift Kits are primarily designed to improve traction and cornering grip under power. By increasing static caster and improving front end geometry the new alloy mounts coupled with low compliance synthetic elastomer bushings serve to dramatically sharpen initial turn-in response and reduce understeer.

Putting power down in corners was a big problem for the Unity Si on track last year, as the car is well beyond stock power levels. With the tires not staying planted in turns the factory LSD has trouble managing the power, and goes into a locking and unlocking situation - the Anti Lift Kit will play a key role in rectifying that problem this season!

This part is for the 10/10ths enthusiasts really looking to improve their lap times, and really feel what the front wheels do when you turn the wheel! The mount changes your suspension geometry, particularly additional Positive Caster capability that the factory bushings can't match. The benefits of this bushings + additional Caster settings include:

  • Improved straight-line stability at speed due to higher self centering effect on the steering wheel
  • Improved cornering grip due to maximizing the tires contact patch through better dynamic camber control
  • Improved brake pedal feedback. Now that the Lower Control Arm (LCA) is being held in place with a firmer bushing, there is less deflection in the suspension allowing the front tires to better grip the ground which helps in deceleration
  • Improved acceleration as there's less wheel spin due to less deflection in the bushings 


Part Number: KCA467