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How I ended up in a Honda Civic?

Hello and welcome if it's your first interaction with me or my brand, Unity Performance! My name is Humza, and like you I am a car enthusiast who was fortunate enough to be able to afford a 10th Generation Honda Civic Si! Two years later this humble Civic Si has become an identity for me, as many know me and the car as @aegeanbluesi on Instagram. However, I still preferred to be called Humza, and not a screen name :)

What may surprise you is that I had no previous Honda ownership experience, nor did I think I was going to be signing on a car that day (late June 2017), and even more so a Honda. So what happened...I was late at my full-time workplace one day about to head out, and was getting insurance quotes for a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport through an insurance agent friend, and he quoted me $220/month. A fellow coworker, not wanting me to get a Hyundai (as shown in the Tokyo Drift reference below) pestered me to ask how much would the newly released 10th Gen Honda Civic Si would cost to insure monthly. 

Image result for han hyundai quote

My logic said that the boy racer special was going to be well over $300/month, and even before the fact I had done no research on the Civic, and wasn't liking the new design language all that much. Reluctantly I asked my friend to quote me over the phone, and after plugging in the values, he went quiet. "You won't believe it" he said, "the Civic Si is $185/month because it's been given better Safety ratings despite having a notorious rep with street racing". WOAH, that was a complete shocker! My friend then proceeds to tell me that he has a friend in Sales at the Honda dealership near my workplace, and can see if he's around still for the day. Few minutes later I get a text that he is, and the curious me decided that I should stop by and check out what all the noise is about this new-at-the-time 10th Gen Si.

I walk in, and ask for the sales person I've been referred to by my friend. A Blue Si sedan fresh on the floor catches my eye, and being a sucker for Blue I was already pleased before driving it. Here she is:

We went out for a test drive in a demo Black Si sedan, and 15 minutes of scaring the living out of the sales guy I was ready to go back and start working on the numbers. We set on a very reasonable amount for a relatively hot car that was just launched that month, and then I went about getting my insurance and all together for delivery the next week. Did this all without letting a single family or friend know what was coming!

Secretly at the same time I snagged @aegeanbluesi as my Instagram Tag, and I'm sure glad I jumped on it early because it's the shortest, easy to remember, and uniquely identifiable tag. I wanted to document the journey of owning this car from Day 1, and if you scroll far down you'll see my first picture taken before I even drove my Si!

Next blog I'll share how the journey of ownership has been over the 2.5 years!